Personal Injury harmful for unborn children?

Auto accidents can be devastating, and injuries sustained in an accident can begin a timeline of treatment and therapy that can take months to complete. In the event an injured party is pregnant, more complications obviously arise.

It is important to understand the possible trauma that can occur to a pregnant woman in an auto accident, and the effect it could have on the fetus. Physical trauma can include negative effects such as Placental Separation, Bleeding, Premature Labor, and may even require an Emergency C-section to be performed.

Emotional trauma as a result of an accident can also have negative reaching effects on a pregnancy. The stress that results from involvement in an auto accident can cause pre-term labor, and negatively affect the health of the fetus. It is especially important to see a doctor following an auto accident in order to assess any potential trauma, as well as seek legal counsel pertaining to the potential claim for you and your unborn child. Signs of negative effects to the health of the fetus may include dizziness, fainting, vomiting, headaches, and stomach pain.

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