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Whether it’s a problem with a deadbeat roommate, a ticket for underage drinking or any one of a host of other college-age issues, many students inevitably come into legal questions. One thing they usually don’t have: a lot of money to solve them.

That’s where “Minute With Mike” hopes to come in. The free video campaign, created by USF graduate Dana Blickensderfer, is designed to encourage legal discussion with attorney Michael C. Blickensderfer and launches today at oneminutewithmike.com.

Students can submit their legal questions to Dana’s father, who will provide a video answer on the site every Wednesday. The Oracle talked with Dana Blickensderfer, who graduated in May 2010 with a degree in mass communications, about her idea and how she hopes students could benefit from it.

The Oracle: What kind of cases does Mike Blickensderfer, the lawyer who’ll be answering questions on “Minute With Mike,” usually handle?

Dana Blickensderfer: He has extensive experience in personal injury litigation and claims. He also served as a prosecutor both in Florida and in Long Island. Other areas he served were in narcotics, Medicaid fraud and DUI offenses within New York City. He also served as a public defender, practicing criminal law within the felony division in Tampa, Florida.

Other legal experience includes real estate, family law, criminal defense, social security and labor law.

O: How does “Minute With Mike” work?

DB: Well, every week Michael will receive legal questions through our forum, and from those questions, he will pick ones to discuss and answer on the air through our video channel on (the website).

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