Life After Bankruptcy

By Moneer Kheireddine

LIFE-AFTER-BANKRUPTCY, BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY, TAMPA LAW FIRM, BLICK LAW FIRMFor those with debt, bankruptcy can seem like the worst case scenario and something you would never want to put yourself through. However, others may see it as a fresh start or a new beginning on your financial life, which you haven’t been able to get a hold of. In truth, when you file for bankruptcy you should expect a very large change to occur in many parts of your life, and know that the struggles you will go through are simply steps on the path towards recovery.

Your life after bankruptcy will take some getting used to. Getting loans, a credit card, or anything else financially related will be very difficult. And when you finally are able to receive some form of credit, your interest and the fees you pay will be out of this world. However, there is still hope! While bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for ten years, rebuilding credit is the first step to getting back on the track to redemption and moving past this point in your life.

LIFE-AFTER-BANKRUPTCY, BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY, TAMPA LAW FIRM, BLICK LAW FIRM, CHAPTER 7 However, filing bankruptcy can have affects you never even expected. Since everyone that has any sort of financial relation to you will check your credit report, you may see different aspects of your life effected from bankruptcy. You may see your insurance go up, you may be declined from employment because of it, or your place of employment may become notified. Your life will encounter drastic changes, and some will be more difficult to cope with than others.

However, not all is lost. Your life isn’t over, we are here to aid in this process! We here at Blick Law Firm believe it’s simply an admittance of need. Sure, things will become more difficult, but it is nothing that you cannot overcome, and Blick Law is here to help you through it with legal advice, counseling, and any other form of assistance you may need. We treat our clients like family, and if you find yourself needing helping when you are going through this tough time, know that we are here to offer a helping hand. Bankruptcy doesn’t mean the end; it simply means it’s time for a new beginning.

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