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Often times you may be asked a wide range of questions during a deposition. However, there may be instances where questions asked have nothing to do with the case at hand. The nature of these questions can sometimes be extremely personal to provoke the one being questioned.

Should this situation arise, it is important not to feel pressured or intimidated, and to practice maintaining a high level of professionalism and poise despite emotional stimulation.

If you are asked a question that makes you feel like you are being harassed or baited, you have the right to consult your criminal defense attorney before answering the question. An experienced lawyer can object the question, and advise you in whether or not your answer is necessary.

As an example, pop star Justin Bieber recently underwent a deposition where he was questioned repeatedly about his career and personal life. The annoyed pop star quickly responded with sarcasm and aggression. Bieber proceeded to sarcastically answer questions, wink at the camera, and display an uninterested and arrogant attitude throughout the entire deposition. This type of behavior is not recommended as it can hinder your character and credibility, which can complicate  and possibly affect the outcome of your case.

Arrive Prepared

Here are few tips for proper deposition preparation:

  • Be sure to talk with your attorney beforehand
  • Make sure that you are fully aware and knowledgeable about what is going on with your case
  • Have a discussion with your attorney about how to handle such questions should they arise

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