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Weather conditions in Florida frequently cause safety concerns on the roadways, and it is important to be aware of potential dangers and take safety precautions to avoid them.

Inclement weather causes tricky road conditions like standing water or flooding. These road conditions often times conceal dangerous debris, tree branches, and even power lines that are not visible. Many drivers attempt to drive through flooded areas and risk encountering hazards to save time or to avoid an inconvenient detour; drivers should always consider the safety risks and take necessary precautions by avoiding flooded areas.

Many times, weather conditions cause traffic lights to become inoperative, creating confusion on the roadways that can lead to deadly collisions. When encountering a downed traffic light, every driver approaching the intersection should come to a complete stop and yield the right-of-way to any vehicle which has entered the intersection.

Be cautious, and consider that the roads are wet and cars are more prone to skidding and loss of control.

In the event Hurricane conditions cause the need to evacuate, have a plan ready, know where you will go, and research several alternate routes in the event of closed roads and severe traffic congestion.

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