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In Florida, it is a criminal traffic offense if a driver operates a motor vehicle with knowledge that their driver’s license is cancelled, suspended, or revoked. Additionally, being issued a citation for Driving with a Suspended License requires a court appearance, which must be filed for with 10 days. Obtaining legal representation to defend against a charge for Driving with a suspended license is important, and may help you avoid future consequences associated with multiple infractions for driving with a suspended license.

It is important to know that multiple infractions of Driving with a Suspended License can lead to very serious consequences, and drivers with repeated violations can become listed as a Habitual Traffic Offender.

The following charges may result from Driving with a Suspended License with knowledge of the suspension:

(1) First conviction is a second degree misdemeanor;

(2) Second conviction is a first degree misdemeanor;

(3) Third, or subsequent conviction, is a third degree felony and possible jail time may have to be served.

The penalty of driving with your license suspended, whether you have knowledge or not, can be serious and generally lead to complications with your future driving privilege.

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    ust wanted to drop a quick note to say that if you ever find yourself in a situation like this in Florida, it’s crucial to consider seeking legal advice from a criminal defense attorney in Utah
    or a local attorney. Dealing with a suspended license charge can have some serious repercussions, so having the right legal support can make all the difference. Stay safe on the road!