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The holidays can be a very relaxing time for most people. Cool weather in the air, family time by the fire, presents under the trees and lots and lots of shopping! Yes sir, the holidays was meant for everyone to wrap up the year on a good note and get ready for a fresh new start to the upcoming year.

Unfortunately, however, the holidays are one of the most active times in the year for criminal activity. Home burglary, cyber theft and a host of other maliciously intended actions tend to occur on some of the brightest days of the year. Makes sense, right? Shadows occur most often on the brightest days of the year.

Of course, there are things you can do to prevent such mishaps from occurring. Locking your doors for example and being a little skeptical about those holiday carolers may save you from having to file a police report. Remember, lots of criminals will canvass neighborhoods and do their research before attempting a burglary. Caroling is a great way to canvass the neighborhood and at the same time get a better understanding of what might be found inside your home. Remember, just a sneak peak could reveal a lot to a potential burglar.

When shopping, make sure your credit cards are accounted for; you could even take it a step further and put them in a compartment that prevents the magnetic strip from being scanned. Remember, the best way to prevent credit fraud is running current credit reports and checking your bank statements for unknown purchases. Being proactive and catching fraud before it begins could save you thousands of dollars and lots of time wasted later.

Blick Law Firm wishes each and every family a very merry holiday. We know how precious this time of the year is, for everyone and are cognizant of the needs of people who may not be so fortunate. If you happen to find yourself in a situation dealing with fraud or other criminal activity, give yourself a holiday present and seek counsel at our office. One of our attorneys can guide you and assist you with your best course of action.

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