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CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER TAMPA  PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER  CARROLLWOOD FLAccording to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, an estimated 235,461 traffic accidents took place in the year 2010. Automobile accidents can cause severe physical damage, and it is imperative to practice safe driving at all times.  In the event that an accident does take place, it is very important to know what safety tips to take to protect yourself and your personal injury case.

First Steps to Take In an Auto Accident
An auto accident can be a very frightening experience however, it is crucial to keep calm and immediately seek medical attention. It is additionally important to call 911 and go directly to the hospital if you are severely injured.

If your injuries are not serious or life threatening, you must move your vehicle to the side of the road for to avoid disrupting incoming traffic, and to ensure your own safety.  After your vehicle has been moved and you are in a safe location, you should gather the necessary information regarding your accident for a potential legal suit.

Important Information to Gather At the Scene
At the scene of an accident, it is useful to gather the following:

- Identification of all occupants; this includes full legal names, contact numbers and alternative -numbers, residential addresses, and emails

- Take note of acquired injuries inflicted from the accident

- Photographs taken at the scene of the accident can be beneficial to your legal case. Collect and take photos of any property damage from the vehicles involved such as but not limited to:

  • Debris
  • Skid marks
  • Position of the collision in correlation to the road or traffic signs

Seek Legal Representation
Upon injury, it is important to always contact an auto injury lawyer for legal advice. An auto accident lawyer can provide general information on how to proceed after an accident, as well as provide legal counsel. An attorney is necessary to ensure your protection and that of your loved ones against an insurance discrepancy. If you need medical treatment, an attorney can also negotiate your medical bills, as well as additional value to your claim. If an insurance company proceeds to contact you regarding your injury claim, remember not to disclose any information that can be recorded without first consulting with an attorney.

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