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Written By: Louie Talacay

Banner3Remember in grade school when you used to play point the finger and say “it’s their fault!”? Auto-accidents can have you playing the same exact game. Everyone is pointing fingers and refusing to accept blame. You’ve seen the auto accident commercials. They are always insisting that you call this or you call that leaving many people confused. To make things more confusing, every state has their own procedure and protocols for auto accident. For example, did you know that Florida is a no-fault state? This means that you may need to go to your insurance for coverage of damage even if the accident was of no fault of yours. So, what should you actually do if you get into a car accident? Below is a comprehensive recommended step by step procedure for anyone who gets involved in an auto accident.

1. The very first step every driver should do is check for safety. Is everyone “ok” and assess if anyone may be injured or severely hurt.

2. The second step is to call 911. Calling 911 will take care of two issues. One, anyone who is seriously injured can get medical treatment and an ambulance. Secondly, an officer can be dispatched and document the scene. Many insurance claims will not be considered without a documented police report so it is imperative that this item be furnished.


A. Do not move the car until the officer arrives, unless there is real danger to you or other vehicles on the road.

B. When the officer arrives, take pictures of the scene including the damage sustained on your vehicle, the damage sustained on anyone else’s vehicle and injuries that were sustained in the accident.

C. Stay in the car! There is often no need to speak to the other parties involved, unless someone is injured, until the officer arrives

3. Lastly, it is recommended that you call an auto accident attorney. Accidents can result in a very difficult and tiresome situation. Your insurance may have you running around without a clear resolution. You may be left without a mode of transportation and unable to go to work, which can be a major opportunity cost. Furthermore, if you are injured, you may have piling medical bills that need to be paid by the insurance company. An auto accident attorney can help guide you through the process of receiving the proper compensation from your insurance claim.

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