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CRIMINAL-DEFENSE-ATTORNEY, CRIMINAL-LAW, JUSTICE-SYSTEM, ARRESTIn recent news, a nine month old baby was arrested for attempted murder in Pakistan. Due to a confrontation with the police over an unpaid bill, an entire Pakistani family was accused of attempted murder during a protest against gas cuts and price increases, along with their nine month old child. The child cried as his grandfather held him while the police took his fingerprints. The charges against the nine month old were eventually dropped however, it is deeply troubling that Pakistan’s criminal justice system would even allow something like this to happen.

Unfortunately, terrible situations such as this one occur every day in different parts of the world. As American’s, we are extremely fortunate to have a justice system designed to protect us from such unthinkable situations.

As a democratic nation, our constitution safeguards us from government abuse and Constitution safeguards us from government abuse and oppression. The American criminal justice system upholds the legal rights of American citizens that are accused and convicted of committing a crime. The civil rights and liberties expressed within the American constitution are heavily enforced in the United States; they must be upheld in order to protect the natural birthright of freedom and liberty that belongs to all people.

The American justice system entitles all citizens the right to a fair and unbiased trial in the event of an arrest. In the United States, all individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in the court of Law. Every citizen of the United States also has the right to a criminal defense attorney.

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