SOCHI, WINTER-OLYMPICS, PERSONAL-INJURYThe 2014 Olympic Winter Games are finally here. Athletes from all over have endured vigorous training in preparation for this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia.  This multi-sport event encompasses very exciting and sometimes dangerous competitions in which professional athletes participate. American World Cup Alpine Ski Racer, Lindsey Vonn, took home two medals in the 2010 Vancouver Games. She also became the first American woman to win an Olympic gold in the downhill.

As the most recognized name in Alpine Skiing, many Americans are excited to see Vonn compete in this year’s Winter Olympics. Unfortunately, Vonn announced that she would be leaving the Sochi Olympics due to a knee injury during a high speed crash during training.

Injury is very common among athletes, as well as people who exercise regularly. Injury can also occur due to result of another’s negligence. Injuries may be sustained from various factors including defective equipment and/or negligence can be very painful, and require extensive medical treatment that can be quite expensive. Injury can also prevent you from attending work or school, and is sometimes life altering.

If you are injured, it is important to know your legal rights. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you get proper medical assistance, determine liability, and negotiate with insurance companies. Two major issues of concern in evaluating a personal injury case are liability and causation.

Causation is a very important factor in a personal injury case. If your injury is a result of a person, or organizations negligence, a personal injury attorney can assist you with your claim. For example, if you sustain injuries due to a health club’s defective equipment, or if you slip and fall on a wet floor in your gym; you should immediately seek medical attention, and contact a personal injury lawyer.

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