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Life after Bankruptcy

DSCN0271Written By: Louie Talacay

You’ve hit rock bottom. You probably have very little to your name and the road to financial recovery is looking uphill. Life after bankruptcy is one full of challenges and turmoil, but it is your decision to sink or swim. The following details some things that one can expect after filing for bankruptcy.

Dependent on the type of bankruptcy you filed, your options may differ. A Chapter 13 means that the court will oversee your financial recovery. They will take a portion of your paycheck to pay off some of your debt. A Chapter 7 means that you will be absolved of most of your debts and that the court will not garnish your wages to pay off your debt.

Although a Chapter 7 allows you to walk away mostly free and clear, the repercussion can be seen on your credit. People who file Chapter 13 are much more likely to recover financially and build their credit back up in less time than those who file a Chapter 7. Of course, the bankruptcy will still be reflected on their record.

So what happens then? What should you do after you’ve filed bankruptcy? First, understand that you will no longer have access to any lines of credit. No credit cards, no loans, nothing; this means strictly dealing in cold hard cash. Save up for those rainy days because you won’t be able to use credit to pay forward unexpected fees and accidents.

This may mean having to live a simpler lifestyle, but hopefully you’ve come to terms with meagerness. Many people who find themselves in financial chaos arrived there because they lived a life that was too extravagant for what they were making.

Are you struggling to overcome your debt? Have you built it up to the point where it is not feasible to pay it off? Blick Law Firm specializes in Bankruptcy cases. We can assist you and counsel you with your bankruptcy. Furthermore, we offer alternatives to bankruptcy and refer clients who aren’t terribly off to credit rehab programs.

To find out more about our bankruptcy services and how we can assist you or anyone else, please visit our website.

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Auto Accident| Personal Injury Blog

Written By: Louie Talacay

Its 2 am and you get a call from a friend needing a ride. You struggle to get out of bed and drive zombie-like to the Czar in Ybor. Your friend had a merry night and is overly affectionate despite the fact that you are obviously irritated and annoyed by the late-night, last-minute favor. You drive him home sluggishly as he rants about his night and you maintain a dead silence.

All of sudden you are blinded by headlights. A sudden alertness overcomes you and you sense something is very wrong.

You think to yourself, “I’m on the interstate, is that a car in my lane headed towards…?”
Before the thought even finishes, the collision occurs and you become a statistic, another road casualty, the result of another wrong way driver.

You awake to blaring lights…

“Am I re-imagining the accident?” you ponder.

UM, UNINSURED-MOTORIST-COVERAGE, AUTO-ACCIDENT,  MEDICAL-BILLS, WHAT-IS-UNINSURED-MOTORIST-COVERAGE, BLICK-LAW-FIRM.1No, of course not; as your eyes adjust you realize that you are in the hospital. Your body is aching and very sore. To make things worse, the doctor comes by to say that your friend has luckily survived but is in critical condition. He introduces you to a police officer who is there to take a statement. The officer tells you that you were in an accident with a DUI offender, who has managed to walk away unscathed by the accident besides complete annihilation of his vehicle.

Unfortunately, circumstances such as these can happen to anyone. There are only so many things we can do to protect ourselves as drivers and not every accident is preventable. In Tampa, alone, the incidence of wrong way collisions has been numerous especially on the I275 stretch from Bears to Hillsborough.

If you are a victim of a DUI accident, please know that you have recourse. Blick Law Firm specialized in auto accidents and personal injury. We can help build your case and get just compensation for the suffering that may be experienced as a result of an auto accident. To seek a consultation with one of our attorneys please CALL US AT call

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The Fight for Immigration| Homeland Security Affair or Power Struggle?

simple_img_6Written By: Louie Talacay

The great statue of liberty is a symbol of freedom, equality, opportunity and prosperity. She watches over the United States, a fictitious torch in her right arm illuminating the great land of opportunity. Imagine how many immigrants have stood in awe underneath the great behemoth and felt inspired to do something greater. Countless people have felt this inspiration and pursued the American dream. So, why is it now that we choose to close our doors to these immigrants, who at one time, shaped the America we are today. Has the prosperity dried up? Are there no more opportunities left?

The fight for immigration reform has been waged in the political battlefield of Washington D.C. Soldier’s wear suits and use pens and words for ammunition against their opponents. The battle is heated and the stakes are high. On one side of the battle field, you have democrats and on the other side republicans.

Comically enough, the battle has little to do with the issue. Many people, in both parties, believe that immigration reform is a necessary. Republican leaders, however, are dissatisfied with the President’s use of his executive powers to expedite the process of immigration reform. They strongly believe that he is pushing his powers and superseding congress. Time and time again, we see this bipartisan issue interfering with true progress.

The Blick Law Firm is here to assist immigrants. We understand that there are families out there, who work hard and have been living in the United States for a long time. We want to help these families find the path to citizenship so that they can be legitimized.

We believe that citizens are people who understand the American dream and act accordingly.

America is the land of opportunity. We built our foundation on immigration; that is why we are known as a melting pot of cultures. Immigration is what makes us unique. Instead of closing our doors to it, we should reconnect with our past.

If you are an immigrant or know of any immigrants seekicallng the road top legitimacy, please direct them to us. We work with immigrants closely to fulfill their best interests.

To seek consultation with one our attorney’s please CALL US AT

To read more about the immigration battle in congress refer to the following resource…

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Child Safety| Personal Injury Blog

Blick-Law-Firm.1Written By: Louie Talacay

Tampa, FL- Today, a father was arrested charged with murder for the death of his 5-year-old daughter. We remorse for the child and her family and pray that she will find her way safely to God.

To read more about the incident please visit the link below…

Children are one of our most precious gifts in life. Their value is priceless and their potential is limitless. Because of how our society has evolved, we sometimes have to put trust into the system that we are a part of and let our children navigate the world without our constant supervision.

Unfortunately, this can mean trusting your child’s safety in the wrong hands or even wrong situation. Often times, parents, whose children have been hurt, blame themselves even if it was no fault of their own. No daycare, sports facility, team, volunteering site, school and even churches can guarantee the safety of your child.

Although we cannot be there for our children 100% of the time, we can provide extra precautions to help them stay safe. Blick recommends the following steps to help keep your children safe and out of harms way.

1. Do your research- Do you know where your child is going. Do you know how credible the facility is that you are leaving them at?

2. Educate you children- Sometimes a simple talk about safety with your kids can do a world of good

3. Know who their friends are- Do you know everyone your child hangs around? Active parenting is hard but it’s also very rewarding

4. Give them a phone- In today’s world, cell phones are as necessary for children as they are adults; Perhaps it’s time to upgrade that plan.

Even if you do everything possible to keep your child safe, accidents are still likely. If your child gets hurt, there maybe repercussions to help you and your family get them back on their feet. Of course, children are minors so the laws are a bit different. To understand these differences we recommend you consult an attorney.

Blick Law Firm are personal injury specialists. They can counsel you in your time of need and educate you on the process of filing a personal injury suit for a minor. To schedule your consultation call us 888-973-2776! call

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