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9 Tips To Take When Found in an Auto Accident

Auto accidents can happen suddenly and at any time. Educate yourself now in case you find yourself one day in an accident…

1) Get the license plate number of the vehicles involved in the accident.
2) Stop and pull to the side of the road.
3) Call the police.
4) Take photos of your damaged car or motorcycle and the scene in which the accident took place.
5) Notify your insurance company of the recent incident.
6) Get the information of the driver that hit you. Write down their driver’s license number, insurance information and phone number to best reach them at.
7) If there are any witnesses present, make sure you get their name and number for future reference.
8) If you are seriously injured, report to the hospital.
9) Before you speak with anyone else in regards to your accident, contact Blick Law Firm so that you are properly represented.

Think quick. Call Blick.

The insurance adjuster will assure you that he or she will negotiate a fair settlement of your claim, but it will only be fair to the insurance company. Choosing personal injury attorney Tampa to handle your claim is the most important decision you will have to make following an accident.

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