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Immigration| Changing Laws

NATURALIZATION, IMMIGRATION, APPLY-FOR-CITIZENSHIP, ABOGADOS, TAMPA-LAW-FIRM.We all heard the news. In a stunning, historic moment President Obama enacted a new law affecting millions of illegal aliens currently living in the United States. Essentially the law can be summed up with the following quote taken directly from President Obama….

“If you meet the criteria, you can come out of the shadow and get right with the law.” The new law addresses the need for reform in immigration laws. A great schism has formed between Americans who supports legalization of illegal immigrants and others who find them to be a succubus on our society’s economy.

The new law is allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the United States if they qualify and are legible for the program. These people will be allowed to get a work permit and their children will be able to attend schools and get an education.

Blick Law Firm specializes in immigration law. Our experienced team has over 15years of experience in immigration law. Highly bilingual and capable, we are here to meet our client’s needs. We recognize the vast consequences this new law could have for millions of people living in the United States. We also recognize that people may need assistance to ensure that they will meet the program’s requirements.

Highly diversified and results driven, we are here to help these people in need. We want to help the immigrants out there illuminate their lives and help them to become legitimate functional members of our society.

America was built on immigration. It was this mass immigration that differentiated America from other countries. We are a melting pot of cultures. We are a representation of the world’s cultures and traditions. Blick Law Firm understands the major role immigrants and their families have played in shaping our countries foundations. We are here to help theses families and ensure their opportunity to live the American Dream.

To speak to a representative about our immigration services please go to our website at www.blicklawfirm.com and schedule a consultation with one of our immigration attorneys.


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Mobile App| Technology Frontier

LAB_1109Written By: Louie Talacay

It’s baffling to think that technology has evolved so much in such a short amount of time. Recall the days when dial-up was the most common form of internet access. We used to wait idly as the pixels appeared line by line. Now, pages populate instantly and we are able to stream videos and other various forms of media. Internet speed has become so fast that people regularly consider downloading speed and uploading speeds to determine quality. It’s funny to think that people actually go to the beaches or other remote places in the continental United States and complain about the lack of 4g LTE that is available. The emergence of smart phones, tablets and other portable devices has revolutionized the way we obtain information. Everyone with a smartphone is essentially connected to a sea of digital information the likes of which are greater than any book ever written.

The implications of such access are hard to grasp. Consider this; the internet has more information than the great library of Alexandria. Can you imagine? Each one of us with a smart phone or a tablet is essentially linked to a library so vast that it is impossible to sift through all the information in one lifetime. Of course, being connected to such information at all times has changed our perception of quick access and our notions of acceptable waiting times. We are a more informed and educated public. We want quick access to information and utilize search engines to quickly answer any questions we have.

Blick Law Firm is a company that is staying current with changing trends. We are a dynamic firm dedicated to providing transparency for our clients and their transaction. We understand that people are expecting to obtain information and updates in an expedited manner and we are here to provide it.

To stay on the cusp of the technology frontier, Blick Law Firm launched its mobile application. The company recognizes that people want instantaneous updates and information, on-the-go, through their mobile devices. The mobile app is the medium and interface synchronizing our clients with our attorneys. Our app allows people to get current and live updates on their file. Not many companies can boast having a mobile app that instantly gives clients direct communication with the senior attorney. To download our mobile app read the following instructions….LAB_1119

Android Devices

-Go to the Android- Google Play Store and download the application called Blick Law Firm Mobile App

**Please make sure that you approve the Notifications Feature if asked

-OR open your browser and go to the following link: MobileApp.BlickLawFirm.com

Apple Devices

-Go to the iTunes App Store and download the application called Blick Law Firm Mobile App

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-OR open your browser and go to the following link: MobileApp.BlickLawFirm

To learn more about Blick Law Firm and the services that we provide please check out our website or download our mobile app. We can schedule a consultation with an attorney and provide a preferred rate if you choose to capture our services. The link to our online website can be found below…. GET IT NOW!! http://mobileapp.blicklawfirm.com/

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Cyber Theft| Consumer Protection

Written By: Louie Talacy

blick-law-firm, tampa-law-firm copyWhat do Target, JP Morgan and Home Depot have in common? These are all large corporations that have experienced serious security breaches. The security breaches compromised the identity of millions of consumers and shook their confidence. How do such big corporations get hacked? Aren’t there firewalls and identity protection procedures in place to prevent such breaches? Surely such huge corporations can afford the best and most secure anti-hacking products.

The truth of the matter is that, technology has evolved to a magnitude that is nearly incomprehensible. Nearly everything we do is integrated to some sort of machinery. The dawn of the internet laid the foundations for a worldwide integrated information super highway and now, more than ever, people who are tech savvy are finding ways to get ahead.

Unfortunately, some of those people are hackers who are willing to take advantage of other people’s hardships for their own monetary gains. As a result, the continuous struggle between hackers and security programmers has escalated into an intense cold war. Just like viruses and antibodies adapting to each other’s defenses, hackers and programmers are consistently evolving their tactics to keep ahead of each other.

The thought of having your information stolen is terrifying. With the advent of Black Friday and the winter holidays consumers must be more careful now than ever to protect their information. Fortunately for Floridians, new legislation has taken effect to protect consumers from cyber fraud.

Implemented July 2014, the Florida Information Protection Act imposed new regulations for protecting the consumer. Essentially the act states that companies must do more to ensure that consumer information is protected and safeguarded from hackers. The expected level of protection is based on the size of each company; obviously, the larger the company the greater the need for more advanced consumer protection.

So now that you know about these changes, you can shop a little easier for your holiday gifts. Remember there are things you can do to help protect your information such as…

1. Check banks statements and report anything that seems suspicious.

2. Keep cards in a protected wallet

3. Perform regular credit checks

If you become a victim of identity fraud please seek counsel with an attorney at…call

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Auto Accidents| What to Do| Negligence and Insurance

Written By: Louie Talacay

Banner3Remember in grade school when you used to play point the finger and say “it’s their fault!”? Auto-accidents can have you playing the same exact game. Everyone is pointing fingers and refusing to accept blame. You’ve seen the auto accident commercials. They are always insisting that you call this or you call that leaving many people confused. To make things more confusing, every state has their own procedure and protocols for auto accident. For example, did you know that Florida is a no-fault state? This means that you may need to go to your insurance for coverage of damage even if the accident was of no fault of yours. So, what should you actually do if you get into a car accident? Below is a comprehensive recommended step by step procedure for anyone who gets involved in an auto accident.

1. The very first step every driver should do is check for safety. Is everyone “ok” and assess if anyone may be injured or severely hurt.

2. The second step is to call 911. Calling 911 will take care of two issues. One, anyone who is seriously injured can get medical treatment and an ambulance. Secondly, an officer can be dispatched and document the scene. Many insurance claims will not be considered without a documented police report so it is imperative that this item be furnished.


A. Do not move the car until the officer arrives, unless there is real danger to you or other vehicles on the road.

B. When the officer arrives, take pictures of the scene including the damage sustained on your vehicle, the damage sustained on anyone else’s vehicle and injuries that were sustained in the accident.

C. Stay in the car! There is often no need to speak to the other parties involved, unless someone is injured, until the officer arrives

3. Lastly, it is recommended that you call an auto accident attorney. Accidents can result in a very difficult and tiresome situation. Your insurance may have you running around without a clear resolution. You may be left without a mode of transportation and unable to go to work, which can be a major opportunity cost. Furthermore, if you are injured, you may have piling medical bills that need to be paid by the insurance company. An auto accident attorney can help guide you through the process of receiving the proper compensation from your insurance claim.

To speak with an auto accident attorney go to our website (link found below) and schedule a consultation. Blick Law Firm has represented many people that have been involved in auto accidents. We can assist in expediting the process and ease the inconvenience for auto accident victims.call

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Florida Limited Liability Act| iOS 8

Written By: Louie Talacay

20140801_204025 (2)Did you know? The Florida limited liability act redefined the concept of a limited liability company (LLC). Enacted January 1st, 2014 the changes “updated” the old delineations to make them more functional for today’s dynamic utilization of commercial LLC’s. Like the newest update of apple’s iOS 8, the new act modernized the essence of an LLC.

What are the changes? Starting Jan. 1st 2014, all limited liabilities will be formed under the new guidelines outlined in the Florida statutes Chapter 605. The only exception will be limited liability companies that have been grandfathered into the new system; they will have up till January 1, 2015 to conform to new guideline standards. The revised act now makes it more consistent with other states who have already taken the leap into the 21st Century. Thus, the revisions will make Florida more competitive in the commercial market.

The changes expand on the previous act and clears up the ambiguity that existed. For example, the court is now unconstrained from appointing a special litigation committee for a derivative action proceeding. The changes addresses a much needed revamp of the old policies which left much room for interpretation. Furthermore, the new act clarifies questions such as, who is allowed to encumber the LLC Florida and what procedures should be applied for dissolution.

What this means? The changes have a significant impact on many different sectors of our lives. First, all new LLC’s and every LLC after January 1 must be compliant with the new regulations. Limited liability companies also have more specific guidelines for conducting business. These guidelines affect the companies operation and formation. Limited Liabilities are now being held to greater standards. They are now required to have forms, such as, the “articles of organization” and “statement of authority”. As a result, there is less confusion on who operates the company and who is allowed to sign certain legal documents. Even the buying and selling of commercial real estate as well as procedures for company mergers will be discrete. Essentially, the new act ensures no excuses for uncertainty.

Get current on Florida Limited Liability standards. Research Florida statutes Chapter 605. Want to be certain you understand the new guidelines? Get counsel from an attorney at…call

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Ebola Epidemic| Business Legal Issues| Implications & Consequences


Guinea, December 2013 — A curious disease took hold in the heart of West Africa. The strange illness, which was previously documented, found a way to break through the isolation of small villages and make its way to the larger city of Sierra Leon. From there, the epidemic festered and spread it reaches far and wide to the world at large.

Ebola is a very deadly disease that has a mortality rate of 70%. The latest outbreak has infected more than all previous Ebola outbreaks combined and has killed a staggering amount of people including many healthcare workers treating Ebola patients.

Media coverage of the disease and the rampant, seemingly uncontrollable, spread of the disease induce fear and anxiety to the general American public. Some people have suggested drastic measures such as quarantining people who have recently traveled to West Africa for a discrete amount of time.

The seriousness of the situation has caused many people to question the risks and benefits of drastic action. Very recently, Reed Smith, a distinguished international law firm, formed a group dedicated to addressing the legal issues associated with the Ebola outbreak.

What are the legal implications of Ebola in regards to how businesses operate? Is it legal to quarantine people without their consent? Can businesses be held liable for the accidental spread of the disease? These are all questions that the recently formed group is trying to address.

The following scenarios below outline some major questions that are associated with the Ebola outbreak…

1. A shipping company that operates in West Africa ships major goods to the United States. A cargo crate has been infected with fluids from a West African worker unaware of being infected. The disease manages to survive the flight to the United States and infects a worker handling the crate. The worker goes home and infects his family, who, in turn, infects more people. Can the business be held liable for the incident?

2. A businessman recently traveled to West Africa to conduct some key transactions. Upon arrival to the United States, he is quarantined against his will for 2 weeks. He claims to feel completely fine and does not believe he is infected. After, 2 weeks he proves to be completely healthy. The quarantining prevented him from closing the transaction and the company is forced to take the loss.

3. Take the same scenario above but instead of being quarantined, the gentleman says he feels fine and is allowed to conduct his operations. A week later he goes to the hospital and is confirmed with having the disease. CDC is then forced to track his movements and notify anyone he came in contact with, that they could be infected.


These scenarios are obviously just hypotheticals, for the time being, but it’s good to address the issue. It is important to know how we will handle the situation, if we ever come across this dilemma.

What do you think about the above scenarios? Go to http://www.blicklawfirm.com and give us your thoughts and opinion regarding the Ebola outbreak. Should businesses be fined or penalized for the spread of Ebola?


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2. http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/11/health/ebola-fast-facts/



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