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Personal Injury| “Minor” Claims

simple_img_2Written By: Louie Talacay

Unfortunately, personal injury claims happen every day. People, for no reason, without their conscious knowledge get into accidents and get hurt. The resultant is thousands of dollars in medical bills and an uphill struggle to recovery.

Often time, people who get hurt are adults. But what would be the recourse if the person that was hurt happened to be a minor? A minor is defined as anyone under the age of 18. Minors can file a personal injury suit. The guidelines, of course- for minors, are different from those of adults.

When a minor wishes to make a personal injury claim they must usually be guided by a guardian. The guardian represents the minor and tries to have their best interest in mind. The attorney must work with the guardian closely in order to resolve the claim. Minors are not able to settle cases on their own outside of court.

Furthermore, certain cases require court approval before the disbursement of funds resulting from a settlement. The need for approval is dependent on the amount that is realized from the settlement. Please seek counsel from an attorney for accurate figures.

Blick Law Firm has handled numerous personal injury cases. We’ve represented all sorts of individuals from adults to minors. We encourage people to come to our offices and seek counsel, from one of our attorneys, if they need any sort of personal injury or other legal related advice.

Are you a minor or know a minor who might have a personal injury case? Feel free to contact us at our website, listed below and schedule your 1 on 1 consultation with our attorneys. call

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Body Cameras for Police| Legal News

blick-law-firm, tampa-law-firm copyWritten By: Louie Talacay

On August 9th, 2014, 18-year-old Michael Brown was fatally shot by Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson. The incident created ripples throughout America quickly escalating into a tidal wave of outrage. It reignited a feud that had long since been buried in undertones and minuteness since the days of the civil rights movement.

Unruly protestors rioted in the streets of Ferguson seeking vendetta and justice for their martyred brother. Police responded by militarizing themselves, in an effort to keep the peace, reminiscent of the cold war days when countries would keep the peace by showing off their biggest guns. The rapid and intense escalation was fortunately kept in check by the state and federal government along with the help of protestors seeking a non-violent, just and fair resolution to the incident.

Fast forward to last week—Police officer Darren Wilson was acquitted of crimes related to the shooting of Michael Brown. The verdict has innumerable implications. People seeking punishment empathized for Michael Brown and his family. Others praised the verdict, pleased to see that a man who dedicated his life to servitude would not suffer the consequences of his actions. Rioters rioted and peacemakers made their peace. The one thing, everyone seemed to agree upon is that change needs to happen.

How do we create this change? There is obviously an intense disparity between those who feel that police officers are doing their civil duties responsibly vs. others who think of police as being brutal, savage oppressors.

The Obama administration has offered a solution to expedite change in law enforcement. They want officers to wear body cameras and go through more intense training. The idea of more cameras is not uncommon in police enforcement. Dash cams were added to police vehicles as a means of protecting both the officer and individuals. Cameras offer more insight into each incident. The amount of contradictory and ambiguous accounts of the Michael Brown incident may have been clearer if police officer, Daren Wilson, had been wearing a body camera. Some police agencies already have such cameras in place. According to WIRED, complaints against police officers dropped 60% after the implementation of body cams to the police force in Rialto, California.

Are body cameras ethical though? It is undeniable that cameras will give more feedback, but is it worth the costs to enforce upon the police enforcement?

What do you think? Give us your feedback at our website http://www.blicklawfirm.com

References: http://www.wired.com/2014/12/obama-body-cameras/



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Immigration| Changing Laws

ImmigrationTodos escuchamos la noticia. En un momento histórico el presidente Obama anuncio una nueva orden ejecutiva que puede afectar a millones de inmigrantes ilegales en los Estados Unidos. Esencialmente la orden ejecutiva se resume con estas palabras exactas del presidente Obama…

“Si cumples con los requisitos, puedes salir de la oscuridad y estar en orden con la ley.”

La orden ejecutiva se refiere a la necesidad de una reforma en las leyes de inmigración. Se ha formado un gran cisma entre los estadounidenses que apoyan la legalización de los inmigrantes ilegales y los que piensan que son un súcubo en la economía de nuestra sociedad.

La orden ejecutiva está permitiendo que los inmigrantes ilegales permanezcan en los Estados Unidos si califican por el programa. Estas personas podrán obtener un permiso de trabajo.

Blick Law Firm se especializa en leyes de inmigración. Estamos aquí para asistir a nuestros clientes con un equipo bilingüe y con alta calidad. Nuestro equipo tiene más de quince años de experiencia en leyes de inmigración. Reconocemos las consecuencias que esta nueva ley podría tener a los millones de personas que viven en los Estados Unidos. También reconocemos que las personas puedan necesitar ayuda para asegurarse que cumplan con los requisitos del programa.

Estamos aquí para ayudar a estas personas necesitadas. Queremos ayudar a los inmigrantes que iluminen sus vidas y que funcione legítimamente en nuestra sociedad.Immigration2

Una de las fundaciones principales de los Estados Unidos fue la inmigración. Esto separo el país entre los otros países del mundo. Nosotros somos una representación de las culturas y tradiciones del mundo entero. Blick Law Firm entiende que los inmigrantes han tenido una mayor parte en la fundación Americana. Estamos aquí para ayudar a las familias realizar sus sueños americanos.

Para hablar con un representante acerca de nuestro servicio de inmigración por favor visite nuestra página del web www.blicklawfirm.com para hacer una consulta con uno de nuestros abogados de inmigración.



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Immigration| Changing Laws

NATURALIZATION, IMMIGRATION, APPLY-FOR-CITIZENSHIP, ABOGADOS, TAMPA-LAW-FIRM.We all heard the news. In a stunning, historic moment President Obama enacted a new law affecting millions of illegal aliens currently living in the United States. Essentially the law can be summed up with the following quote taken directly from President Obama….

“If you meet the criteria, you can come out of the shadow and get right with the law.” The new law addresses the need for reform in immigration laws. A great schism has formed between Americans who supports legalization of illegal immigrants and others who find them to be a succubus on our society’s economy.

The new law is allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the United States if they qualify and are legible for the program. These people will be allowed to get a work permit and their children will be able to attend schools and get an education.

Blick Law Firm specializes in immigration law. Our experienced team has over 15years of experience in immigration law. Highly bilingual and capable, we are here to meet our client’s needs. We recognize the vast consequences this new law could have for millions of people living in the United States. We also recognize that people may need assistance to ensure that they will meet the program’s requirements.

Highly diversified and results driven, we are here to help these people in need. We want to help the immigrants out there illuminate their lives and help them to become legitimate functional members of our society.

America was built on immigration. It was this mass immigration that differentiated America from other countries. We are a melting pot of cultures. We are a representation of the world’s cultures and traditions. Blick Law Firm understands the major role immigrants and their families have played in shaping our countries foundations. We are here to help theses families and ensure their opportunity to live the American Dream.

To speak to a representative about our immigration services please go to our website at www.blicklawfirm.com and schedule a consultation with one of our immigration attorneys.


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Mobile App| Technology Frontier

LAB_1109Written By: Louie Talacay

It’s baffling to think that technology has evolved so much in such a short amount of time. Recall the days when dial-up was the most common form of internet access. We used to wait idly as the pixels appeared line by line. Now, pages populate instantly and we are able to stream videos and other various forms of media. Internet speed has become so fast that people regularly consider downloading speed and uploading speeds to determine quality. It’s funny to think that people actually go to the beaches or other remote places in the continental United States and complain about the lack of 4g LTE that is available. The emergence of smart phones, tablets and other portable devices has revolutionized the way we obtain information. Everyone with a smartphone is essentially connected to a sea of digital information the likes of which are greater than any book ever written.

The implications of such access are hard to grasp. Consider this; the internet has more information than the great library of Alexandria. Can you imagine? Each one of us with a smart phone or a tablet is essentially linked to a library so vast that it is impossible to sift through all the information in one lifetime. Of course, being connected to such information at all times has changed our perception of quick access and our notions of acceptable waiting times. We are a more informed and educated public. We want quick access to information and utilize search engines to quickly answer any questions we have.

Blick Law Firm is a company that is staying current with changing trends. We are a dynamic firm dedicated to providing transparency for our clients and their transaction. We understand that people are expecting to obtain information and updates in an expedited manner and we are here to provide it.

To stay on the cusp of the technology frontier, Blick Law Firm launched its mobile application. The company recognizes that people want instantaneous updates and information, on-the-go, through their mobile devices. The mobile app is the medium and interface synchronizing our clients with our attorneys. Our app allows people to get current and live updates on their file. Not many companies can boast having a mobile app that instantly gives clients direct communication with the senior attorney. To download our mobile app read the following instructions….LAB_1119

Android Devices

-Go to the Android- Google Play Store and download the application called Blick Law Firm Mobile App

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-OR open your browser and go to the following link: MobileApp.BlickLawFirm.com

Apple Devices

-Go to the iTunes App Store and download the application called Blick Law Firm Mobile App

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-OR open your browser and go to the following link: MobileApp.BlickLawFirm

To learn more about Blick Law Firm and the services that we provide please check out our website or download our mobile app. We can schedule a consultation with an attorney and provide a preferred rate if you choose to capture our services. The link to our online website can be found below…. GET IT NOW!! http://mobileapp.blicklawfirm.com/

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Cyber Theft| Consumer Protection

Written By: Louie Talacy

blick-law-firm, tampa-law-firm copyWhat do Target, JP Morgan and Home Depot have in common? These are all large corporations that have experienced serious security breaches. The security breaches compromised the identity of millions of consumers and shook their confidence. How do such big corporations get hacked? Aren’t there firewalls and identity protection procedures in place to prevent such breaches? Surely such huge corporations can afford the best and most secure anti-hacking products.

The truth of the matter is that, technology has evolved to a magnitude that is nearly incomprehensible. Nearly everything we do is integrated to some sort of machinery. The dawn of the internet laid the foundations for a worldwide integrated information super highway and now, more than ever, people who are tech savvy are finding ways to get ahead.

Unfortunately, some of those people are hackers who are willing to take advantage of other people’s hardships for their own monetary gains. As a result, the continuous struggle between hackers and security programmers has escalated into an intense cold war. Just like viruses and antibodies adapting to each other’s defenses, hackers and programmers are consistently evolving their tactics to keep ahead of each other.

The thought of having your information stolen is terrifying. With the advent of Black Friday and the winter holidays consumers must be more careful now than ever to protect their information. Fortunately for Floridians, new legislation has taken effect to protect consumers from cyber fraud.

Implemented July 2014, the Florida Information Protection Act imposed new regulations for protecting the consumer. Essentially the act states that companies must do more to ensure that consumer information is protected and safeguarded from hackers. The expected level of protection is based on the size of each company; obviously, the larger the company the greater the need for more advanced consumer protection.

So now that you know about these changes, you can shop a little easier for your holiday gifts. Remember there are things you can do to help protect your information such as…

1. Check banks statements and report anything that seems suspicious.

2. Keep cards in a protected wallet

3. Perform regular credit checks

If you become a victim of identity fraud please seek counsel with an attorney at…call

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