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Auto Accident| Personal Injury Blog

Written By: Louie Talacay

Its 2 am and you get a call from a friend needing a ride. You struggle to get out of bed and drive zombie-like to the Czar in Ybor. Your friend had a merry night and is overly affectionate despite the fact that you are obviously irritated and annoyed by the late-night, last-minute favor. You drive him home sluggishly as he rants about his night and you maintain a dead silence.

All of sudden you are blinded by headlights. A sudden alertness overcomes you and you sense something is very wrong.

You think to yourself, “I’m on the interstate, is that a car in my lane headed towards…?”
Before the thought even finishes, the collision occurs and you become a statistic, another road casualty, the result of another wrong way driver.

You awake to blaring lights…

“Am I re-imagining the accident?” you ponder.

UM, UNINSURED-MOTORIST-COVERAGE, AUTO-ACCIDENT,  MEDICAL-BILLS, WHAT-IS-UNINSURED-MOTORIST-COVERAGE, BLICK-LAW-FIRM.1No, of course not; as your eyes adjust you realize that you are in the hospital. Your body is aching and very sore. To make things worse, the doctor comes by to say that your friend has luckily survived but is in critical condition. He introduces you to a police officer who is there to take a statement. The officer tells you that you were in an accident with a DUI offender, who has managed to walk away unscathed by the accident besides complete annihilation of his vehicle.

Unfortunately, circumstances such as these can happen to anyone. There are only so many things we can do to protect ourselves as drivers and not every accident is preventable. In Tampa, alone, the incidence of wrong way collisions has been numerous especially on the I275 stretch from Bears to Hillsborough.

If you are a victim of a DUI accident, please know that you have recourse. Blick Law Firm specialized in auto accidents and personal injury. We can help build your case and get just compensation for the suffering that may be experienced as a result of an auto accident. To seek a consultation with one of our attorneys please CALL US AT call

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The Fight for Immigration| Homeland Security Affair or Power Struggle?

simple_img_6Written By: Louie Talacay

The great statue of liberty is a symbol of freedom, equality, opportunity and prosperity. She watches over the United States, a fictitious torch in her right arm illuminating the great land of opportunity. Imagine how many immigrants have stood in awe underneath the great behemoth and felt inspired to do something greater. Countless people have felt this inspiration and pursued the American dream. So, why is it now that we choose to close our doors to these immigrants, who at one time, shaped the America we are today. Has the prosperity dried up? Are there no more opportunities left?

The fight for immigration reform has been waged in the political battlefield of Washington D.C. Soldier’s wear suits and use pens and words for ammunition against their opponents. The battle is heated and the stakes are high. On one side of the battle field, you have democrats and on the other side republicans.

Comically enough, the battle has little to do with the issue. Many people, in both parties, believe that immigration reform is a necessary. Republican leaders, however, are dissatisfied with the President’s use of his executive powers to expedite the process of immigration reform. They strongly believe that he is pushing his powers and superseding congress. Time and time again, we see this bipartisan issue interfering with true progress.

The Blick Law Firm is here to assist immigrants. We understand that there are families out there, who work hard and have been living in the United States for a long time. We want to help these families find the path to citizenship so that they can be legitimized.

We believe that citizens are people who understand the American dream and act accordingly.

America is the land of opportunity. We built our foundation on immigration; that is why we are known as a melting pot of cultures. Immigration is what makes us unique. Instead of closing our doors to it, we should reconnect with our past.

If you are an immigrant or know of any immigrants seekicallng the road top legitimacy, please direct them to us. We work with immigrants closely to fulfill their best interests.

To seek consultation with one our attorney’s please CALL US AT

To read more about the immigration battle in congress refer to the following resource…

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Child Safety| Personal Injury Blog

Blick-Law-Firm.1Written By: Louie Talacay

Tampa, FL- Today, a father was arrested charged with murder for the death of his 5-year-old daughter. We remorse for the child and her family and pray that she will find her way safely to God.

To read more about the incident please visit the link below…

Children are one of our most precious gifts in life. Their value is priceless and their potential is limitless. Because of how our society has evolved, we sometimes have to put trust into the system that we are a part of and let our children navigate the world without our constant supervision.

Unfortunately, this can mean trusting your child’s safety in the wrong hands or even wrong situation. Often times, parents, whose children have been hurt, blame themselves even if it was no fault of their own. No daycare, sports facility, team, volunteering site, school and even churches can guarantee the safety of your child.

Although we cannot be there for our children 100% of the time, we can provide extra precautions to help them stay safe. Blick recommends the following steps to help keep your children safe and out of harms way.

1. Do your research- Do you know where your child is going. Do you know how credible the facility is that you are leaving them at?

2. Educate you children- Sometimes a simple talk about safety with your kids can do a world of good

3. Know who their friends are- Do you know everyone your child hangs around? Active parenting is hard but it’s also very rewarding

4. Give them a phone- In today’s world, cell phones are as necessary for children as they are adults; Perhaps it’s time to upgrade that plan.

Even if you do everything possible to keep your child safe, accidents are still likely. If your child gets hurt, there maybe repercussions to help you and your family get them back on their feet. Of course, children are minors so the laws are a bit different. To understand these differences we recommend you consult an attorney.

Blick Law Firm are personal injury specialists. They can counsel you in your time of need and educate you on the process of filing a personal injury suit for a minor. To schedule your consultation call us 888-973-2776! call

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Changing Times Reflects International Policies


You’d be hard pressed to meet someone who doesn’t believe in the concept of time. Some argue that time is all we really have, and yet, it is hard to imagine what time really is. All we seem to know is that time has this dynamic effect. It works slowly, at a nearly unobservable pace, and yet, it can have such a profound effect on our lives. These profound effects are what we do observe and indicate a focal point of change. No more is this profound effect evident than in today’s political climate. Policy upheaval and constant reform is the mantra of today’s political scene.

Relatively speaking, current politics has been one of the most dynamic in decades. It seems like every day people are daring to ask the question why? Challenges in the sector of marriages, drug policies, gun control, healthcare, immigration and racial equality are very relevant and contemporary topics in todays political battlegrounds.


To top it off, President Obama has been making quite the stir. He promised change in his election campaign and is delivering with radically expedited policies in the second half of his second term. Starting with the healthcare act, President Obama has been spearheading campaigns to revolutionize social and political policies. Just recently, he delivered news about a new immigration plan that was to be enacted. The plan gives amnesty to countless illegal aliens that have been living in the United States and outlined a course of action that could be taken to legitimize themselves and their family.

Continuing his crusade, President Obama announced that he is planning on lifting restrictions to Cuba and ending the decade long strife between our two nations. Furthermore, he has indicated his intentions to forge relationships with Cuba that will hopefully unite our two countries under common grounds.


Flashback to the Cold War days….

America then is very different from America now. The Cold War tore our relationship with Cuba asunder. Fears of communism taking hold so close to home lead us to believe that we had no other choice than to isolate Cuba. According to Obama, the policies enacted then, were done so with the greatest intentions. They, however, are no longer relevant.

It is time to open up to our neighboring country. Too long have families been split, unable to reunite. The president believes that by opening ourselves to Cuba and letting families reunite, the Cuban-Americans will bring democracy with them, being the ambassadors and torch bearer of freedom.

I believe these new policies truly reflect the changing notions that people once had on these topics. We have evolved tremendously from where we once were. Like our democratic system encourages, we constantly improve our policies and broaden our understanding of what equality really means.

Demolition our imagined “Berlin Wall” with Cuba could have tremendous consequences on immigration for families. To understand how this news could affect immigration policies consult with one of our attorneys Call us today at 1-888-973-2776 or at our website, link found below. call


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Opening a Small Business| Legal Needs

simple_img_6Written By: Louie Talacay

Now more than ever is a great time to open up a small business. The economy is slowly recovering and there is much potential for growth for people who take the opportunity. I know you, just like many others, have had this burning idea. Your idea seems to have limitless potential and yet you are afraid to execute it with gusto. You think that you can bide your time until a more opportune moment when you have more money and resources to put into the growth of a business.

Although the move is considerably more conservative, you may be missing out on the best time to open up a small business. Many lenders are offering great loan packages for people with a startup idea and a solid business plan. Often times, these loan packages have very reasonable rates that allow borrowers to worry about making their business plan happen rather than stress about the skyrocketing interests that’s being added to their principal.

So, how do you open up a small business and what kind of business entity should it be? There are many types of business entities out there. You can create a limited liability company, sole proprietorship, cooperative, partnership etc. There are so many different types of business models that you can choose from; the right one for you depends on the kind of business you want to create and how you wish to operate it.

It is very important to understand the types of business entities and choose the proper kind that will fit the needs of your company.

So, how can you be sure, you’ve chosen the right model? I would recommend seeking counsel from an attorney to review your company docs and the business plan. An attorney can give you great advice on opening up a business entity as well as preparing the documents you will need to properly register your company. Remember, if your company isn’t established the right way, you could be subject to serious consequences or be unable to sell and receive profits from the company because you aren’t authorized.

Michael C. Blickensderfer is the senior attorney at Blick Law Firm. As an attorney and owner of both Blick Law Firm and Infinity Abstract & Title, he is very aware of company models and how to properly register a company. He can provide feedback and counsel you on the type of model you might prefer as well as giving you the positives and drawbacks of each.

To schedule a consultation with Michael and find out which business model fits your idea please CALL US TODAY AT call

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Personal Injury| “Minor” Claims

simple_img_2Written By: Louie Talacay

Unfortunately, personal injury claims happen every day. People, for no reason, without their conscious knowledge get into accidents and get hurt. The resultant is thousands of dollars in medical bills and an uphill struggle to recovery.

Often time, people who get hurt are adults. But what would be the recourse if the person that was hurt happened to be a minor? A minor is defined as anyone under the age of 18. Minors can file a personal injury suit. The guidelines, of course- for minors, are different from those of adults.

When a minor wishes to make a personal injury claim they must usually be guided by a guardian. The guardian represents the minor and tries to have their best interest in mind. The attorney must work with the guardian closely in order to resolve the claim. Minors are not able to settle cases on their own outside of court.

Furthermore, certain cases require court approval before the disbursement of funds resulting from a settlement. The need for approval is dependent on the amount that is realized from the settlement. Please seek counsel from an attorney for accurate figures.

Blick Law Firm has handled numerous personal injury cases. We’ve represented all sorts of individuals from adults to minors. We encourage people to come to our offices and seek counsel, from one of our attorneys, if they need any sort of personal injury or other legal related advice.

Are you a minor or know a minor who might have a personal injury case? Feel free to contact us at our website, listed below and schedule your 1 on 1 consultation with our attorneys. call

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