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Car Accident Liability

simple_img_6Written by: Marissa Marshall

Have you been involved in an auto accident that caused serious harm to you and your family? During this difficult time there is some important information that you need to know about your rights, what you are entitled to, and the appropriate steps to take moving forward. For most personal injury claims in the state of Florida the case is about proving the other person’s negligence resulted in your injury. For auto accidents the rules are a little different we live in a no fault auto insurance state, which means, the usual personal injury process does not apply to auto accidents.

If you are in an auto accident the first thing you need to do is seek medical attention! Many people involved in auto accidents may feel fine immediately after, but then suffer from pain days later; it is imperative to seek medical attention immediately to strengthen any personal injury claim you may have to pursue.

The state of Florida has no-fault auto insurance. This means that instead of pursuing another person or their insurance to pay for any damages, your own insurance covers the cost. Florida drivers are required to have a minimum $10,000 in personal injury protection benefits and $10,000 in property damage liability benefits.

According to the Florida office of insurance regulation the goal of this is to provide drivers up to $10,000 in immediate medical coverage as opposed to waiting though the process of establishing fault in court. When you are injured and in need of medical attention the lapse in time of the accident and the process of your case going through the court system could prove to be detrimental to your health.

You cannot file a lawsuit for an auto accident in Florida unless it qualifies under the serious injury threshold. According to the 2014 Florida statutes, this means significant or permanent loss of bodily function, injury that will continue to need medical attention, significant and permanent scarring, death, and costs in excess of the policy limit.

The statute of limitations in Florida for personal injury cases resulting from traffic incidents is 4 years, this 4 year limitation is calculated from the day of the accident.
The best option is to contact a personal injury attorney and speak personally with them if you believe you have suffered serious injury and are eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit. If it can be proved that the other person is at fault for injuring you, you may be able to receive compensation for lost wages from work, property damage, emotional distress that includes anxiety and depression, and the cost of hiring someone to do house hold chores that you were not capable of doing as a result of the auto accident.

If you feel you have a personal injury claim and would like to speak to an attorney please visit our website. The Blick Law Firm is a well-established firm that services the Greater Tampa Bay area. We provide counsel and coaching our clients for their case. We provide unique individualized services for each client because we understand that each case is different. Please call us for a free 15mins consultation at 888-973-2776!call

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PI Blog Wrong Way Accidents

DSCN0271Written by Marissa Marshall

Imagine you and your family or friends are driving one evening, when all of a sudden, you notice a pair of headlights rapidly approaching your vehicle. Sadly, this has been a reality for at least 16 accidents in the Tampa Bay area during 2014; 5 of these crashes were fatal. The cause of these types of accidents was not road signs or even construction, it was impaired driving. Drivers under the influence of alcohol have been getting on the highway and fatally injuring innocent people. In all of the recent fatal wrong way crashes the driver of the vehicle was impaired.

So you have been hit by a drunk driver, now what? If you have been hit by a drunk driver you have a personal injury claim on your hands. Personal injury refers to someone being negligent or showing carelessness that results in the injury of another person. A person who decides to drive drunk and injure innocent people is certainly negligent and careless. Florida allows victims to sue for damages when negligence is involved. The first step in this process would be seeking immediate medical attention, and then, contacting an attorney to help you through the personal injury claims process.

On the opposite end of the spectrum you may find yourself in a car accident where you are charged with a DUI. Lawyers experienced in DUI cases know the different types of technology used to establish a person’s BAC and can help to refute evidence gained from them. Sometimes things are not properly calculated and sometimes these devices are not properly cared for. An attorney can determine if the evidence pertaining to your case was handled correctly.

The Blick Law Firm is a well-established firm that services the Greater Tampa Bay area. We provide counsel for our clients, as well as individualized services for each unique case. If you have a case and would like to speak to a lawyer, please to Call schedule a free consultation at 1-888-973-2776! call

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Assistance for Legal Aid


It is a common notion that lawyers are unaffordable; Despite the fact that many lawyers offer special financing for certain customers or commission based payment for winning their cases, many people still believe that hiring a lawyer is just too expensive. As a result, many people have decided to fight their cases, on their own, leaving them to navigate the minutiae of legal terms, motions and laws by themselves. In fact, according to an article featured on the Tampa Bay Times, 90% of low income Floridians have decided to fight their own cases; These cases involve divorce, familial law, foreclosure and other civil cases.

The idea of fighting your own case in court is daunting. A person who has no idea of how the justice system works will find complications and hardships at every corner of their case, even if it is full proof. Remember, a lawyer isn’t just your representation in court, but they also serve as your coach guiding you through the myriad of forms, motions, counters and claims.

To aid in the provision of legal services to people who cannot afford it, the chief supreme justice of Florida, Jorge Labarga has commissioned 27 members to look for a solution for affordable legal aid. Of particular interest is the demographic of people’s whose income is too high to receive pro bono and special financing but not enough to pay, upfront, the large legal fees that attorney’s charge for their services.LEGAL AID SERVICES, .ATTORNEY FEES, LEGAL AID OFFICE, LEGAL FEES, AFFORDABLE LEGAL AID.1

Don’t go rush out to your local attorney just yet! Jorge has set a time table of 2 years to create a program solution to aid people, within a certain income demographic, with getting the legal assistance they need to fight their case.

If you are desperate for legal assistance now, however, The Blick Law Firm is here to help the Greater Tampa Bay community. Our motto is “helping the hurting”. We understand that every case is different and that a hardship can cause incredible strain on people who are already struggling to meet ends. As a result, we treat each client differently and create a personalized, tailored service that will fit their needs. We offer special financing to certain clients that need the extra assistance as well as offering pro bono services for clients who we feel are truly in need of help. Schedule a consultation with one of our attorney’s to see what kinds of services we can provide you! To schedule a consultation CALL US AT 888-973-2776!call

If you want to learn more about the program that is being commissioned by the Jorge Labarga please reference the following article featured on the Tampa Bay times at…

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Auto Accident| Personal Injury Blog

Written By: Louie Talacay

Its 2 am and you get a call from a friend needing a ride. You struggle to get out of bed and drive zombie-like to the Czar in Ybor. Your friend had a merry night and is overly affectionate despite the fact that you are obviously irritated and annoyed by the late-night, last-minute favor. You drive him home sluggishly as he rants about his night and you maintain a dead silence.

All of sudden you are blinded by headlights. A sudden alertness overcomes you and you sense something is very wrong.

You think to yourself, “I’m on the interstate, is that a car in my lane headed towards…?”
Before the thought even finishes, the collision occurs and you become a statistic, another road casualty, the result of another wrong way driver.

You awake to blaring lights…

“Am I re-imagining the accident?” you ponder.

UM, UNINSURED-MOTORIST-COVERAGE, AUTO-ACCIDENT,  MEDICAL-BILLS, WHAT-IS-UNINSURED-MOTORIST-COVERAGE, BLICK-LAW-FIRM.1No, of course not; as your eyes adjust you realize that you are in the hospital. Your body is aching and very sore. To make things worse, the doctor comes by to say that your friend has luckily survived but is in critical condition. He introduces you to a police officer who is there to take a statement. The officer tells you that you were in an accident with a DUI offender, who has managed to walk away unscathed by the accident besides complete annihilation of his vehicle.

Unfortunately, circumstances such as these can happen to anyone. There are only so many things we can do to protect ourselves as drivers and not every accident is preventable. In Tampa, alone, the incidence of wrong way collisions has been numerous especially on the I275 stretch from Bears to Hillsborough.

If you are a victim of a DUI accident, please know that you have recourse. Blick Law Firm specialized in auto accidents and personal injury. We can help build your case and get just compensation for the suffering that may be experienced as a result of an auto accident. To seek a consultation with one of our attorneys please CALL US AT call

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The Fight for Immigration| Homeland Security Affair or Power Struggle?

simple_img_6Written By: Louie Talacay

The great statue of liberty is a symbol of freedom, equality, opportunity and prosperity. She watches over the United States, a fictitious torch in her right arm illuminating the great land of opportunity. Imagine how many immigrants have stood in awe underneath the great behemoth and felt inspired to do something greater. Countless people have felt this inspiration and pursued the American dream. So, why is it now that we choose to close our doors to these immigrants, who at one time, shaped the America we are today. Has the prosperity dried up? Are there no more opportunities left?

The fight for immigration reform has been waged in the political battlefield of Washington D.C. Soldier’s wear suits and use pens and words for ammunition against their opponents. The battle is heated and the stakes are high. On one side of the battle field, you have democrats and on the other side republicans.

Comically enough, the battle has little to do with the issue. Many people, in both parties, believe that immigration reform is a necessary. Republican leaders, however, are dissatisfied with the President’s use of his executive powers to expedite the process of immigration reform. They strongly believe that he is pushing his powers and superseding congress. Time and time again, we see this bipartisan issue interfering with true progress.

The Blick Law Firm is here to assist immigrants. We understand that there are families out there, who work hard and have been living in the United States for a long time. We want to help these families find the path to citizenship so that they can be legitimized.

We believe that citizens are people who understand the American dream and act accordingly.

America is the land of opportunity. We built our foundation on immigration; that is why we are known as a melting pot of cultures. Immigration is what makes us unique. Instead of closing our doors to it, we should reconnect with our past.

If you are an immigrant or know of any immigrants seekicallng the road top legitimacy, please direct them to us. We work with immigrants closely to fulfill their best interests.

To seek consultation with one our attorney’s please CALL US AT

To read more about the immigration battle in congress refer to the following resource…

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Child Safety| Personal Injury Blog

Blick-Law-Firm.1Written By: Louie Talacay

Tampa, FL- Today, a father was arrested charged with murder for the death of his 5-year-old daughter. We remorse for the child and her family and pray that she will find her way safely to God.

To read more about the incident please visit the link below…

Children are one of our most precious gifts in life. Their value is priceless and their potential is limitless. Because of how our society has evolved, we sometimes have to put trust into the system that we are a part of and let our children navigate the world without our constant supervision.

Unfortunately, this can mean trusting your child’s safety in the wrong hands or even wrong situation. Often times, parents, whose children have been hurt, blame themselves even if it was no fault of their own. No daycare, sports facility, team, volunteering site, school and even churches can guarantee the safety of your child.

Although we cannot be there for our children 100% of the time, we can provide extra precautions to help them stay safe. Blick recommends the following steps to help keep your children safe and out of harms way.

1. Do your research- Do you know where your child is going. Do you know how credible the facility is that you are leaving them at?

2. Educate you children- Sometimes a simple talk about safety with your kids can do a world of good

3. Know who their friends are- Do you know everyone your child hangs around? Active parenting is hard but it’s also very rewarding

4. Give them a phone- In today’s world, cell phones are as necessary for children as they are adults; Perhaps it’s time to upgrade that plan.

Even if you do everything possible to keep your child safe, accidents are still likely. If your child gets hurt, there maybe repercussions to help you and your family get them back on their feet. Of course, children are minors so the laws are a bit different. To understand these differences we recommend you consult an attorney.

Blick Law Firm are personal injury specialists. They can counsel you in your time of need and educate you on the process of filing a personal injury suit for a minor. To schedule your consultation call us 888-973-2776! call

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